Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards and the number one DJ according to Top100 Russian DJ’s. Ivan Roudyk is the resident of such iconic Moscow clubs as XIII, Gallery, Zeppellin, Imperia Lounge, Soho Rooms, Motel, Kianu, Mason StOne and Kotelnaya. Producer, owner of Electrica Records.

Nowadays Ivan Roudyk is an accomplished producer, who is working in famous recording studios in New York and London. He is also a popular DJ who has established his own production centre. Working on a multitude and a wide variety of music material, Ivan has always been interested in the underlying recording processes. Therefore creation of his own music was just a matter of time.

Any brilliant idea needs to be wisely put into practice, like the most absolute hit needs its ideal arrangement. Ivan Roudyk has a baggage of tens of successful tracks. Their success depended to a large extent on his vision and ability to make them sound fancy. Writing and recording a song is a complex, multi-stage process that requires a high level of knowledge and experience.

A rapid development in recording technologies and constantly growing requirements of lables and media structures for the quality of sound tracks don’t leave much scope even for skilled musicians to make a professional product on their own.

Mixing and mastering is a final production stage, which can either taint everything that was done or make a track or a song gain a place in charts.

With the modern flow of music information, which is so overwhelming and chaotic it’s practically impossible for musicians to communicate their work to a huge audience of modern music fans.

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