A rapid development in recording technologies and constantly growing requirements of lables and media structures for the quality of sound tracks don’t leave much scope even for skilled musicians to make a professional product on their own.

Recording studio

Ivan Roudyk’s record label and his company Electrica Records have the international team of session musicians, vocalists, authors, and sound engeneers, which handles a modern, world-class sound production of any complexity.

  • Full cycle songrwiting process.
  • Recording, production, vocal editing.
  • Session vocalists.
  • Recording of instruments by professional session musicians.
  • Rhythm and drum programming.


Any brilliant idea needs to be wisely put into practice, like the most absolute hit needs its ideal arrangement. Ivan Roudyk has a baggage of tens of successful tracks. Their success depended to a large extent on his vision and ability to make them sound fancy. Writing and recording a song is a complex, multi-stage process that requires a high level of knowledge and experience.

Mixing and mastering

Mixing and mastering is a final production stage, which can either taint everything that was done or make a track or a song gain a place in charts.

Various genres of music imply different types of mixing and mastering. There are also different engineers specializing in a particular genre.

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