Ivan Roudyk

DJ Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is one of those rare DJs who don’t have to prove their celebrity status. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards, Best Muzzone Awards and the number one DJ according to Top100 Russian DJ’s. DJ Ivan Roudyk is the resident of such iconic Moscow clubs as XIII, Gallery, Zeppellin, Imperia Lounge, Soho Rooms, Motel and Kianu.

Nowadays Ivan is touring the world giving performances at closed events and major festivals. He’s welcome at cocktail parties in Courchevel, New York, Los Angeles and at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Ivan Roudyk has been holding on to who he is and has been devoted to his fans throughout his career. He has never changed himself in favor of fluctuating trends, thus remaining House music fans’ favourite. It’s House music in all its forms, which absorbed melodies of Funk and Disco and combined the dance floor classics with advanced sound technologies, that continues to be Ivan’s calling card.

Ivan’s unerring sense of music enables him not only to enthrall and enthuse the audience at dance venues of any format, but also to find the real gems among thousands of the latest music releases. For over 15 years now Ivan has been propelling Dance music forward at various levels: being a DJ, producing artists in the studio, discovering new talents in his signature Electrica podcast.

Genres of music at performances: Dance, House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Funk, Deep House, EDM, Future House, Bass House, Tech House, Progressive, Chill Out, Lounge.

Format of parties and events:

  • Clubs.
  • Bars.
  • Festivals.
  • Open air events.
  • Closed/exclusive events: private, corporate.

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